Space4SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Published by- Joy Agrawal on 3/06/2021

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure are the backbones of economic growth of any country. Space technology can be very valuable for infrastructure. It can help monitor the conditions of road all over a certain place or country. Through satellite imagery and machine learning the condition of roads can be monitored and reported to the civic authorities so that it can be worked on. Same for other infrastructures like bridges and train tracks. Monitoring train track health is of real importance essentially during season where the weather can be very cold because of which the tracks can be damaged. Monitoring can help prevent accidents in the future. It can also help in monitoring power infrastructure of a country. Damaged power lines during storms can be detected post storm for quick repair. One very important application could be avoiding traffic jams. If the algorithm detects a jam it can divert other cars using GPS to reroute through another one which can decrease pollution due to jams and also save time.

Infrastructural monitoring through satellite imagery can provide critical checkpoints for infrastructural monitoring which can prevent accidents from happening in the future. Space technology can provide very valuable data which can be used for social, technological, geological and industrial projects. It can be used by innovators to create new technologies and algorithms for Earth monitoring and analysis. Social demographic analysis can be used by NGOs to support their motives with proof and data. Technologically it can be used for data analysis an interpretation for other industries. Geologically, it can be used for monitoring and predicting geological events based on markers like earthquakes, volcanoes and storms. It can be used by different industries to decide best places to setup their factories like in case of a steel plant, the owner would like to set up at a lace which is near to the source to avoid transportation costs, where there is high population to provide for labour and other basic raw materials like water etc.

Global navigation satellite system is a very important system that is supporting almost the whole transportation industry today for efficient route planning.

It can be used for detecting local concentrations of different ores in different regions this coupled with other factors could be used for academic studies and economic interests

All in all, satellite technology can support ambitions of entrepreneurs in providing them the data they need to build their app or satellite feed for processing and interpretation. It can support industries through efficient resource planning of industries and also be used for finding places to setup mines or industries close to the raw material as well as labour. It can also help detect structural issues in railway tracks, roads and bridges to avoid accidents. It can help detect the visual continuity of power infrastructure. Also prevent jams and find efficient and better paths to destination.