Space4SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Published by- Joy Agrawal on 2/06/2021

Economic growth in developing countries is fast which is due to heavy industrialisation but this comes at a cost of pollution and harm to the environment. Also as industrialisation took stand, workers moved from villages in search of work, this caused heavy influx of people into cities, now living conditions were poor for them and some didn’t get decent work due to high population exploitation by employers. This created a vicious cycle and pushed the poor into even more poverty as their families expanded and so the population. Space sector is a whole new field for people to work, this can make economies shine and countries claim their superiority over future of mankind.

Space technology can be of great importance in monitoring sustainable growth from keeping pollution in industrial regions under control to monitoring effluent discharge into rivers. Satellite image analysis can aid in monitoring lone workers. According to a study, satellites can be used to track forced labour in fisheries which is becoming more of a human rights crisis nowadays.

This is the age of information and satellites can gather remote sensing data of different regions which can be of great importance to other countries. This data can be sold to private companies or governments and revenue be generated. Satellites can increase efficiency of different industries via data and reduced expenses through resource and location planning based on geospatial data which contributed to growth of economies and as more businesses are set up more employment is generated hence contributing to decent work.

One very important feature of this domain is slavery, although banned this is a very lucrative way of saving for people in under-developed countries. Slavery can be detected from satellite imagery and duly reported with authorities like the UN to prevent such things from happening.

The same technology can be used to free children from child trafficking rings.

Slavery is a important issue and one of utmost importance which should be eradicated like it is a disease perhaps a parasite which is eating the working population of a country. If our generations to come inherit this parasite it shall set a bad precedent. Satellite technology is helping detect such hubs and track the growth of such syndicates whose aim is to come climb the money ladder on the backs of the poor without spending a dime there.