Space4SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Published by- Joy Agrawal on 1/06/2021

Our world is running on the basis of only one backbone and that is energy. Cars, electricity, homes and offices all work on energy. Our world would be totally different without the comfortable resources which we have today are powered by energy. But many areas still don’t have access to electricity because of costs or underdeveloped countries. Energy production has caused so much pollution whether of land, water or simply other resources. Earth has been bearing the wrath of this modernisation because of which Earth is turning black from the green and blue it was. It deserves moderation or at least safer and better alternatives. Another factor needs to checked is the affordability of the energy be it electricity or gas to power our cars.

Thermal electricity is produced from steam and turbine. Generally fossil fuels are burnt to heat the water which then turns into steam and as it rises up it turns the turbines thus producing electricity. This causes a lot of pollution and the world needed cleaner and effective solution. Then people came up with nuclear energy, where energy released by radioisotope was supplied to water Nand the steam was then used to rotate the turbine thus producing electricity. This turned out to be a more clean and efficient solution. Nuclear energy seemed like an ideal solution that generated more energy in a cleaner way. Then happened the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 which released huge amount of radioactive particles into the air. Barring such less probable accidents nuclear energy is a very effective solution to generate electricity.

Other renewable sources of energy like solar, wind or tidal are directly or indirectly dependent on solar rays. Solar energy directly harnesses the energy from solar rays and converts it into electricity. Wind energy which is produced from wind rotating the turbines is formed due to a pressure difference. Even tidal waves are formed due to the sun because of gravitational pull of sun and moon. There is an interesting concept known as PowerSats which are essentially space based solar panels, in space all the bands of sun rays will reach our satellite like Ultraviolet and nothing will are filtered. This energy can be harnessed as solar power and wirelessly transmitted back to Earth for utilisation.

Space-based satellites can monitor solar activity and forecast the solar energy production for all over the Earth. Even pressure system identification can aid in wind direction and velocity forecasting which can give an insight into the days wind energy production. Satellite imagery can aid in power grid design. Satellite imagery can help identify the best places for wind mills where the pressure system is most low. It can also give an insight into optimal places for solar farms where generally the weather is clear and maximum sun rays reach the most. Satellite monitoring can also help in monitoring certain natural gas hotspots to check for illegal drilling activities.

It can also monitor pollution over different industrial regions where fossil fuels are produced to check if these are in the optimal range for pollution.

Possible Chinese Military cum monitoring facility

All in all, space technology can help in finding best places for renewable energy sites. It can help in monitoring and imagery for illegal drilling which further increases the pollution. A new developing concept in the works PowerSats if successful has potential of changing things completely because it is said that the sun radiates energy enough in one hour to power the Earth for one year.