Space4SDG5: Gender Equality

Published by- Joy Agrawal on 30/05/2021

Gender inequality has been a huge barrier to the upliftment not only of women but of whole Earth, imagine half the population of some places which are women are not allowed to work or dream. In India, gender inequality in some states is so prevalent that people go as far as to commit crime such as female foeticide for a will of not wanting the girl child. This huge gap can only be bridged if we are able to change the ideology. Women have accomplished a lot in the world if men have let gone of their laid back ideology. The first person ever to win 2 Nobel prizes was Madam Curie a female. The youngest person in the world to be awarded the Nobel prize is Malala Yousafzai who fought for right to education for women in her society for which she was shot but survived to be awarded the Nobel peace prize. What is the main barrier to gender equality, it is the ideology of some men and demolished right to education for young men in some places. If women were allowed to educate then would have been able to stand up on their own feet and not in need of shelter. Space can provide for tele education for such women who aren’t allowed to leave their homes and to go to schools in less developed countries. Space4Women is a project undertaken by UNOOSA that strives to make STEM and Space accessible to women. Women can work in the field of space STEM and thus be empowered.

Women have been fighting this battle from long ago to be empowered. In order for that to happen, what needs to be corrected is the ideology which is impossible until women fight hard for it. In such societies women can only be empowered if they are independent but not without education or money. Education for such women be opened with the best tele-education from satellite network. As rightly said by Nelson Mandela, Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world , but females in certain areas don’t have this weapon for their self defence let alone an attach to change the world. Although space technology can only provide for tele-education for women and careers in the field for this important agenda of today. The educated youth shall only stop and take a breath of sigh from whence our fellow youth are able to rise from dependence to independence to shine.