Space4SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals

Now we have come to the very final article in this series on Space technology for Sustainable Development Goals. This goal is not related to Sustainable Development per se but a tool to help collaboration for the pervious 16 SDGs. This SDG promotes international collaboration and cooperation to achieve the goals. Space technology has little to no contribution in this SDG except for helping establish the connectivity between countries and organisations. There is one thing in particular I would discuss and that is how space industry read carefully, space industry not technology which can help foster cooperation and collaboration thus improving relations between countries and thus establishing trust and improving relations to allow smoother implementation of SDGs. Sharing and collaboration in terms of data accessed by space technology allows the countries to see the relations from a perspective that the collaborated teams working so smoothly and together they are achieving heights and this promotes the collaboration for SDG. International Space Station is a shield that has helped prevent conflicts between various countries because of the kind of collaboration that is going on there in space.

As aforementioned, not a lot an be contributed by space technology but it helps bridge a key stone on the path to complete sustainable development by 2030.

This concludes the 17 part blog series on Space4SDGs 2030. Lets help build this world a better place to live with your own passion. Everybody has role to play in this transformation of Earth everybody has a thread to stitch to this plastic surgery of Earth and do your part of contributing to the world and all you have to do for this is follow your ikigai. Ikigai is what you think to be your purpose on earth, with which you can make a difference and with which you can lead a happy life. This is all what we have to do to stitch the thread which you have to contribute to the plastic surgery to change the face of Earth and humanity.