Space4SDG16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

This SDG directly pertains to maintaining peace and harmony in the world so that the human civilisation also continues(Maybe a bit exaggerated) and also to prevent the resources from being damaged. For instance, during the Vietnam war, the US military conducted an operation by the name Operation Ranch Hand, which focused on infecting the farms and lands of south Vietnam with agent orange a toxin in order to deprive the Vietnam Cong of food and forest shelter, now you can relate how wars can make a country damage the natural resources which are vital not only to the country which has that resource but also to the whole world.

This particular SDG sought to help increase transparency among institutions and provide justice and as discussed above maintain peace and harmony. In domain of space also peace among different countries is vital because damage to satellites there as an action of another country can lead to instability there. This mandated a need for laws in space and a regulatory body and this is accomplished by the outer space treaty and the UNOOSA(United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs).

In this case, as you might have guessed space technology does not have a lot to contribute but I will just sum it all up anyway. All objects launched into space by signatory nations have to be registered and openly available to all to maintain trust and peace in space. All astronauts despite their country of origin have to be respected and all possible efforts be undertaken in order to save astronauts from any danger they are the envoys of mankind. No country can lay a sovereign claim over over any part of space or land. More importantly, collaboration between nations for space missions help develop relations between country that allow for peace. Strong institutions can be promoted through, democratic participating of isolated communities through satellite internet in an online voting which was first conducted by Estonia. Finally, we conclude this short list with monitoring ongoing conflicts and strategy implementation based on data gathered for peacekeeping missions by the United Nations Security Council or perhaps any other major fraction looking to promote peace.